Elites, Networks and Power in Modern China

DHLab Pamphlets

The Pamphlet collection of the DHLab on the PEERS platform proposes work-in-progress research notes as well as methodological papers by the ENP-China team. The work-in-progress notes present preliminary results of experiments and research produced in the course of research before submission to academic journals. The methodological notes develop aspects of methods that usually cannot find their place in a published paper or on a specific aspect of a research question.

DH Lab Pamphlet 1

This inaugural issue of the DH Lab Pamphlet is devoted to our experiments in exploring and studying the Biographical Dictionary of Republican China edited by Howard L. Boorman.

DH Lab Pamphlet 2

This second issue of the Digital History Pamphlet Collection aims at introducing the Consolidated National Advertising Co, one of the largest Chinese advertising agencies established prior to 1949. Drawing on Who’s Who, historical newspapers and Shanghai Municipal Archives, and harnessing social network analysis and visualizing tools, we propose to build a collective biography of the Consolidated group and his main actors.

DH Lab Pamphlet 3

This issue of the DH Lab Pamphlet presents unpublished papers, though not exclusively, that examine aspects of the Shanghai elites through fiction — a study of three Shanghai novels — and propose a macro-historical reading of Shanghai history.

ENP-China Publications