Elites, Networks and Power in Modern China

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X-Boorman presents an enhanced digital version of the Biographical Dictionary of Republican China edited by Howard L. Boorman in 1967-1971. The dictionary is no longer in print and hardly used in modern Chinese historical studies. It lost mush of its luster and relevance with the emergence of internet resources. Yet, this is a work based on meticulous research that provides information that remains relevant today. X-Boorman proposes an exploration of this work beyond the individual biographies, through network analysis, mapping, graphs, with an interface that incorporates pinyin and Chinese.

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The ENP-China project is developing collections of publications in the form of pamphlets and podcasts on the PEERS platform. PEERS is a non-profit organization created by researchers for researchers who can publish works directly with integrated data and operational code. This makes it possible for everyone to contribute to data, to explore data and to re-analyze data. The ENP-China team publishes intermediate research results, methodological papers, and also full papers in its series Digital History Lab.

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The ENP-China collection on BN-Asie (Asia Digital Library) makes available all the source materials that researchers have used in the course of their research. Generally, it includes digital versions in high resolution, except when we were not able to get one. We processed all these files to turn them into searchable pdf files (OCR). While we establish the collection, all the deposited materials can be found by searching « enpc » in the keyword field of the search engine.

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The ENP-China project maintains a bibliography of all the works — source materials as well as academic literature — that are relevant to the study of elites as a historical object. It is organised in six sections: Biographical databases [any database with historical biographical data], Elites_China (Eng) [academic works on elites in China in English and other Western languages], Elites_China (Zh) [academic works on elites in China in Chinese], Elites Foreigners [academic works on foreign elites and foreigners in China in English and other Western languages], Elites History [academic works on elites outside of China in English and other Western languages], Source Books [all the source materials used in the ENP-China project.

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Data Repository

All the data sets produced in the course of the ENP-China project are made available on the ENP-China Data Repository on Zenodo, the long-term general-purpose open-access repository developed under the European OpenAIRE program and operated by CERN. It allows researchers to deposit data sets, research software, reports, and any other research related digital artifacts. For each submission, a persistent digital object identifier (DOI) is minted, which makes the stored items easily citeable.

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